Welcome to Beyond Chemo Brain: Recovering After Surviving.

This book is for everyone who has finished chemotherapy and is wondering when the chemo brain will end and the old brain will be back.

Chemo brain injury affects approximately 100,000 Americans a year with long-term cognitive deficits. This chemotherapy side effect is often unacknowledged and unsupported in cancer survivors today.

We survived cancer. Now we need to recover from the treatment!

I offer you, in simple, straightforward language our brains can manage:

  • Brief background on current research into chemo brain and brain injury
  • Stories of my own experiences learning to understand and overcome “chemo brain injury”
  • Specific elements of the recovery process, including how to:
    • create a healing environment
    • cope with cognitive deficits
    • support the brain and the whole person during recovery
    • learn from the chemo brain experience

Caregivers and friends of people living with chemo brain injury will learn:

  • What to expect and what not to expect from the patient
  • Why the chemo brain injury patient cannot just “buck up” and get on with life as it used to be
  • How to support your patient’s or loved-one’s recovery process

Beyond Chemo Brain is the first book about chemo brain injury written by a patient with first-hand experience of the unexpected life changes and losses, and then the slow recovery process.

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